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Shadow Once Complete

A collaborative text based project with composer David Bremner and writers Kit Fryatt and Joanna Walsh. 

“During March 2022, in venues in Dublin, Cork and Limerick Béal presented ‘shadow once complete’ a new collaboration, developed from the Contemporary Music Centre’s CMC Colleagues scheme, between violinist Larissa O’Grady and composer David Bremner. They have devised an ‘algorithmic storytelling’ combining algorithmic text, live electronics and lattice-based improvisation on violin.

The storytelling is done by the violinist, whose pitches and dynamics act on the patch, prompting weighted-random projected text. The use of the MUGIC® bow motion sensor adds an extra element.

Béal have commissioned new texts for the performances from Joanna Walsh and Kit Fryatt.

The print studio venues were chosen in response to the text-based nature of the work. The event is designed as a really immersive experience for an audience.

The piece is concerned with how meaning is constructed by an audience from limited building blocks, the invisible connections between words, making this process explicit, so a ‘constructivist’ setting works nicely: an assemblage of scattered partly-made artefacts is the perfect backdrop.


David Bremner and Béal Festival

Project Duration:

3 Months


National Print Museum

Cork Printmakers

Limerick Printmakers

Stoney Road Press